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Minette Trading Pty Ltd is a dynamic and extremely focused distribution company that covers both Australia and New Zealand.


The first discovery was MOGO Magnetic Charmbands and accessories in the USA - knowing the colour and unique fun concept would be such a huge success in this region we launched it and the distributorship Minette Trading Pty Ltd in 2010. The next discovery was the beautiful, bright, fun, hand crafted wearable art called Apple Pie Jewelry – at such great price points and good quality it paired beautifully with our existing MOGO brand.


With a solid infrastructure now set and the discovery of the new brand URBAN JUNK UK, a cool edgy range of backpacks, we knew it was time to expand our distributorship. As at August 2014, Minette Trading Pty Ltd now offers three quality brands that are unique, affordable and fun for kids, tweens, teens and even adults.


We continue to grow and now range to over 200 stores due to an extremely experienced motivated team. We offer strong sales and support by exhibiting at trade shows, advertising in both trade and consumer magazines and with our team of highly experienced sales agents.

Importantly, we are a very friendly company to do business with and we have developed a reputation for delivering what we promise!


Urban Junk UK

Our NEW NEW NEW brand is called Urban Junk UK, the brand is offering you a new breed of dynamic backpacks. Born in the heart of urban living…London…The backpack collection has been designed to express your style DNA! They have been designed for the individuals who set the trends, the person that wants something more explosive, something more unique.



Apple Pie Jewelry

The Apple Pie Jewelry brand was launched in August 2013. Apple Pie Jewelry is America's leading range of acrylic jewellery. The range consists of 24 exclusive designs, handmade in high quality acrylic with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. They make the perfect gift for ages 4 to 94.


MOGO Accessories

MOGO® is a US brand of tween magnetic accessories that let tweens celebrate all the things that make them click. With a colourful array of MOGO® Charmbands and more than 200 magnetic MOGO® Charms, tweens can mix and match their collections as well as trade with friends. MOGO® has now expanded the product categories into retro styled Sunglasses, cute functional Purses and Pendants. Please download the catalogue from this home page to view the full range and details.


Minette Trading Pty Ltd

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